AtSite ROI Calculator




AtSite provides managed and consulting solutions to real estate portfolio companies. Their solutions lower costs and risks, increase performance and quality, and enhance business value and organizational effectiveness. The results of their work have earned them many awards including repeated EcoLeadership Awards.



AtSite solutions are enabled by something they call the InSite® Intelligence Platform. InSite helps connect and analyze building related data to efficiently surface actionable intelligence that yields lower costs and optimized performance. When a building portfolio is linked into the system, it provides data-driven recommendations that demonstrate the tangible ROI expected for various investments in innovation within the portfolio.

AtSite needed a simplified way to show the potential power of the complex InSite solution to prospective clients in order to engage them in the sales dialog. AtSite has case studies of their work, but every portfolio of properties is unique and prospects often felt unsure about the potential of expected results for their unique set of buildings.



We helped design a simplified online estimation calculator based on historical building data across all AtSite clients. On the first screen, the tool helps explain the value of AtSite solutions by allowing the prospect to conceptually see how various factors are affected by the age of portfolio buildings. Then, the second screen provides a customized approximate calculation of how much impact potential could be realized in the prospect’s own unique portfolio. The tool requires only one approximate numerical figure and the industry of the prospect. The remaining factors are on sliders so the prospect is engaged to “play” in the tool as they adjust the age of various proportions of their building portfolio. The results recalculate as they move the sliders.

This tool provides both a validation of the AtSite service offering and also a prospect engagement tool to get them actively participating in the sales process and initiating a conversation.