Complia Health



Complia Health solutions help 30,000 caregivers at 2,600 customer locations around the world provide post-acute and long-term care for nearly 2 million patients every day. Complia Health is the new brand name for Procura, which had grown through acquisition to encompass several brands in the home health and community care industry.

The product brands include:

  • Procura – Enterprise / home care solution
  • ContinuLink – Cloud or SaaS-based solution
  • Igea – SMB (Small Medium Business) software
  • SunCoast – Hospice Software



We were provided the new company name and tagline and asked to create a new corporate logo for Complia Health and a product brand identity system to sit within it. They needed visual brand architecture, corporate identity, and overall brand look and feel.

In the competitive marketplace, their Australian competitors were able to bridge the gap between the technical/software side with the human/holistic side. Whereas, the North American competitors typically got lost in explaining the facts and features of the software, and as a result their brand presence was muddled. The previous Procura identity also presented in a muddled fashion due to the lack of structure between the corporate identity, software product suite, capabilities of each software line, and geographic specialization.

The Complia Health brand needed to find a balance between both sides of the competitive equation. It was important that the new visual brand establish a clear, central and unifying structure and presence. It needed to be clean, contemporary, sophisticated and allude to technology solutions. The brand products also needed to echo these same attributes within the newly renamed parent brand.



We created a corporate mark based on a spiral of gradually increasing circles. These circles denote the Complia Health process that enables increasing efficiency and financial growth while also reflecting the complexity and diverse requirements and components they serve. The consistent, even spacing illustrates their reliability and operational compliance. The graceful arc of the circles and the rounded shapes bring a personal and holistic aspect to the mark and encompass the “completeness” of their offerings, which is an element of the new Complia name.

The product brands are word marks that use the same font and typographic structure. To further tie them to the parent brand, each product identity is underscored by 3 small graduated circles with similar spacing to the parent mark. Each product has it’s own color in the brand palette, and each product has an associated circle-based graphic that can be used separately from the logo as a part of the individual product visual brands.

The result is a system where product brands are readily recognizable as part of the meaningful parent brand, yet each has a robust visual system that can translate into unique product identities.