Microsystems provides cutting-edge software and innovative document technology solutions that help companies and law firms mitigate risk, improve authoring, create error-free documents, and enhance document production efficiency.



Microsystems branding had been at the individual product level and not guided by an overarching strategy; hence the company lacked a unified corporate and product brand voice to convey its value in the market. The company wanted to tie the individual product brand identities together to create greater awareness in the marketplace and more easily sell the products as packaged bundles.



We developed a unified identity system that tied all product brands to the Microsystems parent brand through visual architecture, color, and symbols.

  • A new logo was designed for Microsystems: a graphic M created from 3 rectangular shapes that represent a document going through the error-cleansing process from orange (caution) to green (ready to go). Rounded corners soften the hard lines and communicate the ease of use and user-friendly nature of the software products.
  • Each product sub-brand holds a rounded corner diamond — what we call the “gem” — in the center of the product identity. This gem is the same size and shape of the final green clean document element of the parent logo.
  • Each product “gem” is a unique color from the new brand palette and the primary base color for packaging and collateral for that product.
  • The visual identity is based on beautiful close-up images of multi-page documents with a brand palette tint over each image. Then on top of each image is a light letter pattern reflective of the classic “word search” games. Key messages are highlighted in these letter patterns.  This represents the scanning process the software does to catch errors and find the key content within a document.