Acclara (formerly Patient Accounts Services) is a Revenue Cycle Management solutions company that helps hospitals, health systems, and physician practices recover more revenue, more quickly, through a variety of services including: patient outreach, insurance reimbursement, and conversion assistance. They operate as an extension to the healthcare provider as their voice to patients and insurance companies.



Acclara operates in a truly “people-focused” fashion within a field that can often be the opposite. The company was renamed by Sustena Group, as a part of a brand initiative to better communicate this “Patient First” value. The name Acclara is derived from ‘clarity’, which represents the organization’s skill in encouraging patients to pay by helping them understand their bill and responsibilities in a clear way. It also reflects the insights and visibility the company is able to provide health systems into their revenue cycle through reporting on key A/R and customer service metrics. The name also references ‘all clear’ — speaking to the relief the company brings to both patients and hospitals by resolving accounts in a positive and timely manner.

Our challenge was to create a logo and visual identity system that communicated the same values behind the new name.



We created a mark with two intersecting shapes that gracefully represent how Acclara is at the intersection of patients and health systems. The form itself is a reflection of an A form that fits beautifully into the word mark next to it. The organic, leaf-like nature of the overlapping forms represents fiscal growth and prosperity for their clients. The intersection of the shapes also creates a subtle heart that reflects the caring nature at the core of Acclara.

The fresh, transparent color palette illustrates how Acclara brings clarity (represented by light blue) through its knowledge of the healthcare industry together with financial expertise (represented by green) to serve patients and help them clearly understand their financial responsibilities, bringing relief to both patients and hospitals.