Visual Promotion Map


When engaged in the creation of marketing campaigns, a valuable part of our process is to create a visual promotion map for clients. This map helps clients see how proposed pieces connect together and support larger goals and desired results.  Promotion maps often serve a vital role in both campaign strategy development and internal buy-in and planning.

  • Enables stakeholders to see the big picture of the promotion strategy
  • Helps marketing teams create internal buy-in through leadership channels for campaign strategy and budget
  • Supports alignment of individual resources such as copywriters, web developers, multimedia resources, and print brokers
  • Assists in the early identification of strategic gaps
  • Ensures optimal audience engagement tactics are in place at all steps along the funnel
  • Provides a reference map for late stage sales resources to understand all communication points the prospect has been through prior to sales contact — thus shortening the required sales dialog

Visual Promotion Maps are a worthy investment in successful campaign strategy and management.