Applied Pathways



Applied Pathways provides software for the healthcare industry that allows users to create “rules-based pathways” or decision trees in a Visio-like visual environment without any coding expertise. The software then converts these decision trees into code that can be integrated into their clients’ internal systems, including Electronic Medical Record systems (EMRs) within a hospital or health systems database.



We were asked to create a logo mark to represent key brand attributes of “simple, easy, an intuitive” and to define a brand look and feel to meet the following objectives:

  • Establish Applied Pathways as a serious and innovative competitor
  • Provide a visual foundation to demonstrate Applied Pathways’ ability to help create pathways in a faster, cheaper, and more dynamic fashion
  • Elevate the sophistication of the Applied Pathways’ visual brand to be in keeping with the distinguished brands they work with Create the necessary gravitas to attract senior level hospital and business executives



For the logo, we found that sometimes simple is best. The core attributes of the brand are simple, easy and intuitive, so the logo needed to reflect those same traits. Thus the mark we created is based on a clean sans-serif font with carefully crafted breaks in the letterforms to imply “pathways”. This element is quite subtle, yet carries greater impact when paired with the brand icon system developed for the look and feel. This mark is the embodiment of the core brand attributes.

For the look and feel, we updated the color palette to a bright, energetic, yet approachable color set. And we created unique icons to represent the four core attributes of their software: Intuitive. Standardized. Dynamic. Integrated. Each icon is created from a series of evenly spaced lines or “paths” to represent the dynamic pathways created within the software. These icons on their respective fields of color create the clean, simple basis for the overall look and feel across brand communications.