Content Cues Identity



Content Cues is an exciting new social gaming and corporate marketing tool about to launch in the market. It is designed to help companies encourage prospects to visit their website and read key pages on the site by inserting “game cues” throughout the site. Visitors click the clues and log them to their gaming account to earn rewards based on finding a minimum number of clues.



We needed to create an identity for the company that could also be related to the “cue” icon used within the game itself. That meant the logo mark needed to be simple enough that it could sit next to website text on a broad variety of websites, and be noticeable but not intrusive. On the client web pages, it needed to look like something that should be clicked as well.



We created an identity based on a classic location marker symbol, but added the target base to illustrate the concept of targeted text locations. In the logo mark, the marker and target are turned sideways revealing two concentric Cs formed from the uncovered portion of the target. The Cs stand for the company name Content Cues. The simplicity, yet unique combination of elements serves as the perfect form for both logo and game marker.