Genpact Magazine Covers



Genpact is a $2.57 billion global professional services firm employing over 77,000 people in more than 20 countries. Their core focus is delivering digital transformation to clients across a broad spectrum of industries.



Genpact began a publication, called Intelligent Operations, as a means to highlight stories of “lean digital” performance technologies, and evolving business areas in need of digital transformation. They create the content, but needed a way to make the publication intriguing and engaging from the outside. It needed to highlight the cover story content and give a quick snapshot of additional key content. Perhaps most importantly, it needed to reflect the Genpact icon and information graphic style so that the publication was quickly identified with the brand.



We created the masthead and graphic covers for all of the publications created to date – issues 1-4. You can view the full set on the Genpact website.