Institute for Retirement Income


The Institute for Retirement Income is an organization devoted to seeing that Americans have access to secure long-term income to ensure financial independence in their later years. IRI represents every link in the retirement income supply chain and is the voice for the insured income industry through education, research, and advocacy.



The organization was originally named the Insured Retirement Institute, and commonly known as IRI. The name lacked clarity in the market and wasn’t supported by a meaningful tagline or descriptor line. Thus, our partner agency, Sustena Group, led an effort to rename the organization to the Institute for Retirement Income paired with the descriptive tagline: Education, Research, and Advocacy. The new name and tagline helped to clarify their role in the market while maintaining the IRI shorthand moniker. Sustena Group asked us to help create a new visual brand identity for the new name.



We created a new logo with clean, modern attributes, and approachable warmth. It is composed of three semi-transparent rectangles that represent the three foundational platforms of Education, Research, and Advocacy. These platforms grow into a golden glow as they become an arrow that points toward the future.

The warm tonal shades convey the colors of retirement’s “sunset years”, and the golden tone of wealth. The colors are warm and inviting in contrast to the cold blues and greens of several other entities in the market. Individuals are often intimidated by thoughts of retirement and financial decisions, thus this color palette helps to put the viewer at ease as and establishes IRI as a welcoming place to find information and solutions.

This logo also has wonderful opportunities for animation and animated transformation into symbols/icons for each of the three platforms of service.